So Much For The Tolerant Left EP

by MSD

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Jaz I love the lyrics of this song, it touches a nerve
Favorite track: Flag Song.
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released September 22, 2017

Written, performed and recorded by Monty O'Blivion
Mastered by Derrick Fish, FC Studios
Album artwork by Katey Bright
KBOR Records, 2017


all rights reserved



MSD Phoenix, Arizona

Radical post-punk for a free society, hailing from the desert wastelands of Arizona.

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Track Name: (All Is Fair In Love And) Free Trade
Pounds and pence
No offense
But competing for food don’t make no sense

Land of the free
Lock and key
Sub-status quo, get off my property

Just when you think you got it made
You’re on the business end of a switch blade
But all is fair in love and free trade
So you shrug and resume your endless crusade

Oh well
So much for the tolerant left

The prison and church
And school are one
It makes it easier for them to have their fun

Piranhas in the bathtub,
Underneath a cop car, cutting the brakes

The boss is the lowest form of life on earth
Getting filthy rich paying you less than you’re worth
The comedian thinks he’s funny when he’s punching down
But it’s all cheap laughs, he’s just a fucking clown

Oh well
So much for the tolerant left
So much for the tolerant left
So much for the tolerant left
So much for the tolerant left
Track Name: Flag Song
They made us pledge allegiance
Recite each and every line
They just failed to mention
It was bullshit the whole time

All flags were made for burning
And that's just what they'll do
Eventually, they all come down
And yours will too

We don't owe them anything
They owe us their lives
They exist to keep us struggling
They make me want to die

They lie, extort, and cheat and steal
They make up phony crimes
To make us all potential criminals
That pay them endless fines

They outsourced our jobs to sweat shops
Filled our water full of lead
They foreclosed on our homes
They won't stop until we're dead

They shoot us in the street,
Because that's what tyrants do
But eventually, they all come down
And this one will too

I don't care about your laws
They don't determine right and wrong
You murder your own citizens
You're no better than Saddam

Your schools rewrote history
And pumped it full of lies
You fed us pharmaceuticals
Stole the best years of our lives

Won't someone tell me why?
Will someone tell me lies?
Does it even matter why?
Someone tell me why.
For vengeance, I will try
For vengeance, I will try
Track Name: Panic Attack
The cold touch of the bathroom floor on my burning face
The quick echoes of my frantic breaths ricochet around my head
Pins of numbness sting my arms, I feel my pulse racing
This feels like death, I hope it's not death, but would it be so bad if it was?

Panic attack

Is it the smoking or the lack of sleep or maybe just the people
Grandma says the only cure lies within the steeple
The more I try to slow my breaths, the more I lose control
My head is melting in cold sweat, as I sink into this hole

It could happen to you

"But what will they all say? What will they all think? How will I explain? What am I gonna say? I don't know! Don't ask me. I don't know. I have to work with these people too. Get them out of my face!”

You feign empathy down, your halo shines brighter than ever before
And every time I punch the clock I die a little more
I never leave the house without my wild eyes and gritted teeth
I take my communion on this filthy bathroom floor

It could happen to you
Track Name: The Patrol Car
On an empty street in a Missouri town
Where all the cops are white
A black and white car crept along
Looking for a fight

Two unarmed boys were walking home
Unaware of being hunted
The patrol car turned the corner
They were unexpectedly confronted

The door flew open, an arm reached out,
Grabbed the kid by the throat
It was a white St. Louis cop,
He was a black kid, just old enough to vote

They tried to get away
But the shots instantly began
One boy hid behind a car,
The other held out his hands

I'm sure you know what happened next,
It happens all the time
No expensive trials, no jury,
Just execution for no crime

Another mother cried
Another mother cried

Keep the kids inside
Lock the doors and hide
The police are out tonight

The boy lie face down in the street
And he never had a gun
They left him there for all to see
The community was stunned

The police said it was justified
As the crowds began to form
That day the town of Ferguson
Stood against the uniform, they sang...

Keep the kids inside
Lock the doors and hide
The police are out tonight

They cooked up the usual story
Said he went for the cop's gun
Then they opened fire on the crowd
When they wouldn't turn and run

They sent in tanks and SWAT,
And smashed news cameras at the scene
They attacked our people
For a cop who killed an innocent teen

Is it any wonder why we never cry when a police dies?
Track Name: To My Dismay
Never been the charming kind of insecure
To my dismay
We'll never have the sum of what we endure
To my dismay

The system makes you think that it's outside entity
But it's your friends, and it's your home, and it's your family and
It's your job, and it's your school, and it's your health insurance
When you question everything, don't forget your self-assurance

What do we do now?
You are what you support
Where do we go now?
You are what you support

You've got a choice, will you choose to be another observer?
You've got a voice, will you use it to justify mass murder?

Never been the charming kind of insecure
To my dismay
We'll never have the sum of what we endure
To my dismay
Track Name: Western World
Hey, hey, western world,
We've come so far
We got Nestle using child slaves
To make us chocolate bars
But who the hell cares?
As long as it benefits you
They signed a contract with the government
Now they own the water too

Nike and Wal-Mart,
we are so proud of thee
Using sweat shop labor overseas
While we pretend not to see
I say, hey, hey, hey, hey western world
Pat yourself on the back
Join the army, trade your humanity
And keep this empire on track

Keep your head down
Pay no attention
Go to school, go to work,
Pay taxes, not attention

Imperialists of the world, give yourselves a hand
UK, Israel, France, Canada, and of course, the US of A

The free market is more sacred
Than your petty human rights
Pretty soon we'll charge you monthly
For using the sunlight
But you better not use that sun
For your home energy
Because solar power is a loss
For the electric company
People tell me that I'm cynical
But I have nice dreams too
I watch the fancy cars of Scottsdale
Smashed into little cubes
Fuck you

Keep your head down
Pay no attention
Go to school, go to work,
Pay taxes, not attention

Pay your taxes, pay your fines, pay your legal fees, pay your loans, pay your rent, pay your registration, pay us everything we demand, just don't pay attention. Don't pay attention to any of the heinous shit that we're doing in your name.

Blah, blah, blah
blah, blah, blah

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